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Commanimation – Animations for presentations

Who created the animations in Commanimation?
XVenture is made up of a team of global experts creating and delivering experiential, team and leadership solutions.

The NLP – trained and skilled production team at XVenture created all original animations in-house inspired by contemporary leader insights shared with them as part of XVenture’s 100 Leaders project.

What is XVenture’s100 Leaders?

100 Leaders, the largest leadership project of its kind is about making insights and messages from contemporary leaders accessible to the masses in an engaging, inspiring and lasting way.

Driven by a belief that leadership isn’t about one model and that each one of us takes a leadership role in our lives at different times over an 18-month period, XVenture business partners Adj. Prof. Mike Conway (Founder and CEO) and Daniela Kraus (Director and Chief Operating Officer) interviewed and recorded 100 people from all walks of life to create the 100 Leaders program. From LA to London and Hong Kong to Sydney; from small, medium and large organisations, doctors, dancers, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians to business executives, financiers, manufacturers, technologists, charity leaders and sports people – all have participated in this exciting project.

The XVenture team has produced these interviews into short video clips, supported by animation, music and imagery to deliver some of the most engaging contemporary thoughts and views about leadership ever seen.

These animations can now be downloaded for personal use under a single-use license agreement, or for commercial use, under a multi-use license agreement.

Need something bespoke for your presentation?

Please contact XVenture and the team at or call us on +61 2 9922 1622.